Street fighter fortnite Blanka and Sakura celebrate 35 years of Street Fighter in Fortnite

Blanka and sakura fortnite - The world fighters, Blanka and Sakura, put aside the fights for a moment to seek the Royal Victory on the Fortnite Island within the framework of the 35 years of the launch of Street Fighter.

Street fighter fortniteBlanka and Sakura celebrate 35 years of Street Fighter in Fortnite

Starting April 28 at 7pm MEX / 9pm ARG, players will be able to get the Blanka and Sakura skins and Accessories in the Fortnite Item Shop and celebrate 35 years of Street Fighter.

Blanka and Sakura make their Fortnite debut

Like Ryu, Guille, Cami or Chun Li, now it's time for "Blanka" in the battle royal. With several skins, such as the Alternative style "Blanka Delgado", this character also brings the retro backpack "Blanka-Chan". The Electrified Warriors appetizer is also available, i.e. the Pico “Tropical Hazard Kebab”. Also, celebrate your eliminations with the included “Blanka Somersault” emote.

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While the Sakura outfit includes the “Sakura Gym” Alternate Style, the “Hanazake Hook” Retro Backpack, and the “Sakura Victory Dance” Emote. They can also show off the “Fighting Tournament Trophy” Pickaxe and use the “Kayari Buta” Glider.

Blanka and Sakura Cup

Show your strength in both versions of the "Blanka and Sakura" Cup to win a special Loading Screen. The first is the mobile-only Solo Cup at Zero Build on April 27, and the second is the all-platform Solo Cup at Battle Royale on April 28.

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