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Heart of Stone Trials and you can get free loot in Fortnite

Stone heart trials fortnite - More reasons to play fortnite creative mode. “Trials of Heart of Stone” allows players to obtain exclusive Battle Royale gear, as well as earn rewards by playing on different maps and voting for your favorite.

The developer Epic Games has selected these six French creators to participate in "The Trials of Heart of Stone" from fortnite: Darki, Mension, Edouard, Lemonon, Volvic and Wiskstars.

Heart of Stone Trials and you can get free loot in Fortnite

To participate in the event, you will need to sign in with your Epic Games account on the Epic Games website. “The Trials of Heart of Stone” and go to the “Challenges” page to start playing. Then they just have to complete the challenges that appear on the page while playing fortnite. Please note that it may take up to 90 minutes for the website to update your progress. You have until February 21.

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Placing in the top ten twice in a single player Battle Royale match will award a badge. Here are the rewards you can get based on the badges you earn fortnite:

  • With a badge, you will unlock the Doomed Romance graffiti.
  • Six badges will unlock the Hunch Wrap.
  • Eleven badges will unlock the Thorns of Passion pickaxe.

After trying out the cards, you can vote for your favorite on the website to receive the Painful Devotion emote. The three most voted cards will be available in the "Night of the Stone Heart" tournament that will take place on February 20.

FORTNITE | Free loot in February

Epic Games' fortnite Battle Royale "Creative Chaos" event is back for Chapter 3. Starting February 7, 2022, players can head to the official Creative Chaos website to sign up and participate in this new challenge.

Keep in mind that fortnite gives material for the simple fact of registering on the Chaos Creativo site. Simply sign in to have the “The Kingdom of Love” emoticon in your inventory.

Additionally, playing 30 minutes or more on the Creative Mayhem map will unlock an additional reward: the Scepter of Hearts pickaxe.

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