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Where to find feathers Fortnite Haven skins || where to find feathers in fortnite

Where to find feathers Haven Mask skins fortnite -  Do you want to know how to unlock Haven skins in Fortnite? As of update 19.20, you can now find feathers in chests. Just like the Toona Fish and Kymera skins from previous seasons, you can now customize Haven's skin, which you can unlock on page five of the battle pass, with a bunch of new styles.

Where to find feathers Fortnite Haven skins || where to find feathers in fortnite


The first step to unlocking these new styles is to collect as many feathers as you can. You have the possibility of finding up to a feather inside any chest. It costs between ten and 20 feathers to buy one of the skins and unlock one of the 30 new styles for this Fortnite skin. To get all the skins, you will need to collect 520 feathers in total. Considering you only have until March 19 to unlock these skins, you'll need to play a lot of matches to get them all.

Where to find feathers in fortnite

Since getting that many feathers is quite tricky, you can head over to the new Haven Skins tab in the main menu via the battle pass section to see all of the Fortnite Haven skin quests. Although most of them are quite simple to complete, you will need to know how to slide to complete some of them. Let's take a look at all the Fortnite Haven Masks missions to see what you need to do.

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Fortnite Haven Skin Missions

There are 30 Haven skins available, and the first one will be given to you for free. To unlock the other skins, you must first unlock the ability to purchase each skin by completing quests, and then earn the required number of feathers to purchase it. Here are all of the Fortnite Haven skin quests and what they unlock:

  • Automatically Unlocked – All-Seeing Cat
  • Complete five daily quests. – Tropical Squeaker (10 feathers)
  • Complete ten daily quests. – Icy Squeaker (15 Feathers)
  • Complete 20 Daily Quests – Primal Chirper (20 Feathers)
  • Glide 1,000 meters – Primal Owl (15 feathers)
  • Damage opponents within ten seconds of sliding. – Tropical Owl (10 feathers)
  • Land in a tree after gliding – Spring Owl (20 feathers)
  • Slide 300 meters – Hidden ladders (10 feathers)
  • Slide continuously for eight seconds – Hypnotic Scales (15 pens)
  • Deal 100 damage to opponents while dashing – Resplendent Scales (20 Feathers)
  • Drive 5,000 meters in a vehicle. – All-Seeing Hopper (20 Feathers)
  • Drive a car, quadcrasher and a boat – Dream jumper (10 feathers)
  • Air time in a vehicle (ten seconds) – Frosty Hopper (15 feathers)
  • Search ten chests – Icy Scavenger (10 Feathers)
  • Search three Seven or IO chests – Golden Scavenger (15 Feathers)
  • Search two rare chests – Midnight Scavenger (20 Feathers)
  • Consume 25 Foraged Items – Primal Stag (20 Feathers)
  • Consume three different types of forage items. – Autumn Stag (10 Feathers)
  • Gather three foraged items at different named locations – Deer Skelle (15 Feathers)
  • Hunt five chickens – Elder Wolf (10 feathers)
  • Hunt five boars – Wolf Embrace (15 Feathers)
  • Hunt five wolves – Primal Wolf (20 feathers)
  • Catch 20 fish – Midnight Cat (20 Feathers)
  • Catch a Shield Fish, a Spicy Fish, and a Jellyfish. – Reanimated Cat (15 feathers)
  • Ride a Klombo for ten seconds – Friendly Klombo (10 Feathers)
  • Deal 50 damage to Klombos – Grumpy Klombo (20 Feathers)
  • Feed a Klombo a Klomberry – Hungry Klombo (15 Feathers)
  • Claim five Haven Masks – Fire Hunter (10 Feathers)
  • Claim 15 Haven Skins – Snow Hunter (15 Feathers)
  • Claim 25 Haven Masks – Eclipse Chaser (20 Feathers)


That's all of the Fortnite Haven skin challenges. You can complete these challenges in most game types. While Fortnite animals are relatively common throughout the map this season, you may need help locating seven chests in Fortnite Seven Outposts and finding a Klombo to give him a Klomberry. We also have a guide on how to get free Fortnite V-bucks if you want other new premium skins. 

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