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Peacekeeper COD Mobile , How to unlock Peacekeeper in COD Mobile

Peacekeeper COD Mobile  -  COD Mobile players have the last chance to unlock free epic items in Season 9, which ends in three days. There are tons of login rewards that require minimal effort from players. COD Mobile is giving away an epic Peacekeeper plan for free in the final days of the season.

Plasma Explosion Locus is also one of the most popular weapon designs that players have attended this season in multiplayer and battle royale.

Peacekeeper COD Mobile , How to unlock Peacekeeper in COD Mobile

There are also other login rewards and objectives for players to unlock, such as operator skins, Battle Pass XP, weapon camouflages, and other cosmetics. Seasonal events are also available and players will want to complete them to get new weapons like the Thumper and tactical gear like the Flash Drone.
This article will provide all the quests players need to complete to unlock Peacekeeper – Plasma Explosion.

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All missions to unlock Peacekeeper – Plasma Explosion in COD Mobile Season 9

To unlock Peacekeeper – Plasma Explosion, players will have to play battle royale and multiplayer matches.

Peacekeeper- Plasma Explosion base stats in season 9 (Image via COD Mobile)
Along with the epic weapon scheme, there are also other weapon camouflages that players can unlock by completing all of the missions below:

1) Play 3 battle royale matches

2) Deal 2000 damage in Battle Royale matches

3) Kill 3 enemies using Class Chip in battle royale matches

4) Travel 1500 meters on any motorcycle in battle royale matches

5) Play with friends in battle royale matches twice

6) Kill 5 enemies with operator skills in multiplayer matches

7) Earn 40 medals in multiplayer matches

Most of the missions above are simple, and players should find it very easy to unlock the Peacekeeper - Plasma Explosion Epic scheme before season 9 comes to an end. 

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