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Best team for Kaveh in Genshin Impact, Read here

Kaveh in Genshin Impact - The wait is over, time to hit the sword with him. Get to know the character better with this guide to the best equipment for Kaveh in Genshin Impact.

With the arrival of this character, we finally have a Dendro greatsword user. Ready to know the best team for Kaveh in Genshin Impact?

Best team for Kaveh in Genshin Impact

As far as Kaveh is concerned, much has been discussed about what his role is. He fits well into Dendro comps and his kit allows him to be an optimal primary DPS, but there are undeniably plenty of Dendro characters already filling that position. This has put the character in a delicate position when it comes to finding the best role for him. Reality? It is a DPS that works well both solo and in a team.

Best team for Kaveh in Genshin Impact, Read here

In this guide we tell you how to turn the character into that attacker that he is destined to be.

Best build for Kaveh


Best artifacts

There are cases where finding the correct set of artifacts is not an easy task, and unfortunately this is the case with the character. Without going any further, and based on the Blossom reaction, the best set for it would be Forgotten Flower of Paradise, while if it is not the engine of said reactions, then Memories of the Forest is the right set to bet on.

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Approached from another angle, it is not necessary to bet on the 4 pieces of a specific artifact, but playing with hybridization can be quite effective. Combining either of the above with, for example, 2 pieces with +80 Elemental Mastery, will do a good amount of damage by exploding the Dendro cores caused by his abilities.

Best team for Kaveh in Genshin Impact, Read here

In any case, the stat to prioritize with Kaveh is pretty straightforward, as his entire kit scales with Elemental Mastery. Whether boosting all the pieces with that attribute or focusing one of them on Energy Recharge, the result will be the same, a DPS with fearsome damage.

Best weapons

As far as weapons are concerned, you will rarely find a character who opts so quickly for just one. Considering that you always have to go for the same stats (Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge), finding good weapons for him is easy. However, Heavenly Pride boosts his attack damage and his best stat so much that it's hard to pick another.

Best team for Kaveh in Genshin Impact, Read here

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Other good options for Kaveh would include, for example, greats like Tombstone of the Wolf or Redhorn Greatsword, which, although they bet on different statistics from their favorites, the Attack improvement that both offer more than makes up for that small detail.

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