Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy, How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy -  Robarg is the first world boss in Tower of Fantasy. They are weak to Fire and resistant to Volt and will summon additional enemies to fend off players. It is strongly not recommended to fight the boss alone, as world bosses are designed to fight other players. Here's how to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy.

Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy, How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg is a world boss located in the first area of ​​the Fantasy Tower. The world chat often attempts to bring people together to take on the game's world bosses, and players can team up or travel through other channels to join the game. When entering combat, players need to be careful with a few key attacks.

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All Robarg's moves and how to deal with them in Tower of Fantasy

Robargue's movements tend to be very well telegraphed. Avoiding attacks will require players to avoid the red lights on the floor that most of their attacks will show.

  • Root Attack - An attack telegraphed by Robarg raising his hand. The player will then be attacked from underground when a large tentacle strikes upwards.
  • Roar Attack - Robarg will try to hide and a red circle will appear around him. After a moment, he will scream and deal damage to everyone in the red circle.
  • Vine Attack - When attacking at close range, Robarg can attack with his tentacles in a horizontal motion. This can be avoided by staying away from the area highlighted in red.
  • Projectiles - The boss has tracking missiles that will require the player to dodge to the side to avoid them.
  • Poison - The arena can be filled with poison, but players can avoid it by walking to the edge of the area as the red lights don't reach that far.
  • Transformed Root Attack - This root attack will be used three times in a row.
  • Additional Attacks - Robarg attaches yellow flowers to his tentacles and deals damage over time to all nearby players. They will fire other projectiles as well.
  • Summoning Bees - Summoned bees are very slow and can be kited to avoid them. They do damage, but not as much as Robarg.

How to change channels in Tower of Fantasy

Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy, How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy


When trying to find a group for Robarg or other world bosses, many players will already be in a group of four. Manually switching channels and meeting up in the same place will sometimes be the only option, rather than joining someone's team and then teleporting to the group leader. To switch channels, players simply need to click or tap on the channel icon above the map and select the channel they wish to switch to. After that, they will not be able to switch channels for 30 minutes.

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