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Where Draff in Genshin Impact, read here

Draff Genshin Impact -  He may seem like a simple NPC, but Genshin Impact's Draff engages more than once with the set of Vision-wielding characters. He is particularly important to Diona, his daughter. If you want to meet him in-game and chat, here's where to go.

Where Draff in Genshin Impact, read here

Where can you find Draff in Genshin Impact?

Draff is usually found in Springvale with his hunting partner Allan. They are located just below the large windmill in the center of the village. You can refer to the map above for its exact location.

Where Draff in Genshin Impact, read here

It's right where the player's cursor is. If you talk to him during the day, he can give you some tips on the location of crystal ores he saw on a hunt. Or, he can sell you the fruits of his hunts: raw meat, poultry, and bird eggs.

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Who is Draff in Genshin Impact?

In addition to being Diona's father, he is Springvale's headhunter. He is also a known alcoholic. Diona explains during her reunion event that her alcoholism is what drives her to make the most disgusting cocktail and rid Mondstadt of alcohol altogether.

Despite his flaws, Draff shows genuine love for his daughter and the people of Springvale whom he protects and nurtures.

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