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Where to find junk cracks in Fortnite, what does the junk rift do in fortnite

Junk rift fortnite  - In Fortnite, players will find various utilities and explosives that can be used to damage opponents. One of these items is Junk Rift, and it was not revealed in Season 3 Chapter 3. If Junk Rift is cast by an opponent, it opens a portal in the sky and random objects fall from this portal to damage the enemy. 

If you're lucky, Junk Rift could drop dinosaurs on opponents that deal a ton of damage. This is how players can find Junk Rift in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

All Junk Rift Sites

Rift Junk They're rare epic items, and so far we've received them as ground loot, supply drops, llamas, and chests. Players will find this item all over the map, and we recommend visiting high-tier loot points for good Daily Bugle, Rave Cave, Reality Falls, Leaning Towers, Rabbit Crossing, and other points of interest to quickly find Junk Rift. 

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Where to find junk cracks in Fortnite, what does the junk rift do in fortnite

When you get a Junk Rift, use it during a fight to drop random items on the enemy. Items that drop from Junk Rifts often go through buildings, making it the perfect tool for taking down opponents. You can also destroy a Port-a-Fort by dropping a Split Junk at its location.

What are junk glitches in Fortnite?

Junk Rift is a throwable item that opens a rift and spawns huge objects in the sky that fall on the target area. This item damages everything in its path, and a direct hit can deal up to 200 damage. Junk Rift drops in stacks of two, and players can carry four of them at a time. Items that drop from Junk Rift have a knockback effect that knocks the opponent away. Try them out in the Battle Lab before entering a game.

What do Junk Rifts do in Fortnite?

After finding Junk Rift, players can use it on opponents during combat. If two or more enemies are fighting in an area, you can target any one of them and cast Junk Rift. This will drop random items on the opponent, allowing players to move in for quick kills.

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Junk Rifts can be extremely useful in squad matches, where multiple opponents are hiding in the same spot. You can easily get some takedowns with these throwable items. While there are no Junk Rift-related quests yet, players can expect some challenges in the week 10 installments.

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