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Marcus Fenix fortnite skin and kait diaz gears 5 fortnite

Marcus Fenix fortnite -  Epic Games presented the new skins of the video game Legends series. Get items from the Delta-Uno set by completing Fortnite missions. 

The legendary hero of the Pendulum Wars and the Locust War, Marcus Fenix, arrives at Fortnite alongside Kait Díaz, an outsider turned soldier. The two will land with their skins on the island as the latest members of the Video Game Legends series, as well as more items from the Delta-One set.

Marcus Fenix fortnite skin  and kait diaz gears 5 fortnite

Starting December 9, players will be able to obtain the following items from the Delta-Uno set from the Item Shop:

New Fortnite skins

  • Marcus Fenix: He had retired from the Coalition of Ordered Governments army, but returned to battle for his son.
  • Kait Diaz (includes Orange Winter style): She used to be against the Coalition of Ordered Governments, but is now part of the COG army.

When they play a game on Xbox Series X | S after purchasing the Marcus Fénix skin, they will unlock the Matte Black style of the outfit. A tribute to his history on Xbox.

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  • Sonic Resonator Retro Backpack (sold with Marcus Fénix outfit) - Created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to map Sera's underground tunnels.
  • Reyna's Hanging Retro Backpack (sold with Kait Diaz outfit) - A family heirloom of mysterious origin.
  • Shattering Mace Pick: Locust Shell Fragments attached to a motorized rotating staff.
  • Thumper Pick - Used to summon seeders on the surface.
  • Ax Pick - Originally created to cut rockworm meat and COG as well.
  • Skiff Glider: Take in the elements with this fast wind-powered land vehicle transformed into a glider.

Knife Tricks Gesture

Only for those brimming with confidence. Show off your sharp weapon skills with the Knife Tricks emote

Additionally, Fortnite players will be able to purchase the Marcus Fénix skin (with the Sonic Resonator retro backpack) and the Kait Díaz skin (with Reyna's Hanging backpack) individually or as part of the Marcus and Kait bundle. In addition, this lot includes the Hole E spray.

Speaking of bundles, players will have the option of purchasing the pickaxes, glider, and emote individually or as part of the Equipment E bundle.

Finally, until December 17, complete the following Delta-One missions to unlock the Crimson Augury Spray for free:

  • Gather three identifiers from the COG
  • Crouch behind a barrier
  • Deal damage to opponents with melee attacks
  • Deal shotgun damage to an opponent
  • Collect memories of Palizabol

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