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Where are the Sevens outpost Foundation Missions in fortnite

Seven outpost fortnite - The new Foundation skin is finally available in Fortnite. However, we will not get it without more. To get hold of it, we must complete a series of missions related to the mysterious brotherhood of The Seven. Some of them are very simple and we can achieve them normally.

Where are the Sevens outpost Foundation Missions in fortnite

However, other objectives are really specific, forcing us to condition our way of playing. One of these is to "secure the perimeter", which forces us to visit Monument Monument, The Sanctuary and an outpost of The Seven.

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Where is seven outpost in fortnite? 

Although with the first locations we will not have too many problems, the outposts of The Seven are not shown on the map and to find them we will have to go to very specific locations that we will only know if we have dedicated ourselves to investigating the island of Fortnite. Below, you can find an image that shows all its locations on the map so you have no problem getting it the first time.

Where are the Sevens outpost Foundation Missions in fortnite

Now that we know where the Seven outposts are, our recommendation is no different than other similar missions. These locations will be very crowded the first days after the publication of the challenge, so your thing is to go to the one that is furthest from the path of the bus and complete the challenge having to face as few players as possible. Keep in mind that the objective also involves finishing in the top 10 of the match.

The rest of the challenges will be fairly easy to complete, consisting of dealing damage with the pickaxe or visiting different locations to open a few chests. Once completed and as long as we are holders of the Battle Pass, we will have managed to unlock the Foundation skin and all related cosmetics to show off in our next Fortnite games.

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