Where to find spider man in fortnite web shooters : Where to find spider man mythic in fortnite

Where to find spider man in fortnite -  We tell you exactly how and where to find Spider-Man's famous web shooters, and you probably still have to wait a few days.

There are many new features in this new chapter of Fortnite, and in this first season, the good old Spider-Man is going to have a great role, and surely you are going to want to get his web launcher as well.

Where to find spider man in fortnite web shooters : Where to find spider man mythic in fortnite

There are many users who are currently combing the entire map to find the famous Spider-Man web launchers in Fortnite, and we are going to tell you exactly when you could find them and in which areas they will be available so that you can go directly to them.

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So don't go too far off course, because the truth is that Spider-Man's web shooters are pretty easy and straightforward to come by, as long as you've waited for the right moment.

Where and How to Find Spider Man Fortnite Chapter 3

Most important of all, to get the Spider-Man web shooters you will have to wait until next December 11.

This was announced by Epic Games itself in the update patch notes for this new chapter, stating that as of December 11, you will be able to wear Spider-Man's web shooters.

The good thing about these Spider-Man web shooters is that you can wear them with any suit, in addition to Spider-Man that is obtained through the battle pass.

Apparently, as leakers have pointed out, Spider-Man's web launcher can be found in the main building of Daily Budge, a new area that is located exactly in the upper right area of ​​the map.

In this building there should be Spider-Man with whom you will have to fight or interact to be able to carry the web launchers, although there is still the question of whether we can get them under other procedures. 

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