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Where Violetgrass location Genshin Impact

Where to find violetgrass in genshin impact -  Genshin Impact segments its weapon and character leveling mechanics into different levels, meaning that if you want to keep progressing past a certain number, you'll have to 'up'. This process requires a lot of resources to put together the proper crafting recipe. In the case of Qiqi, you really have to keep your eyes open to find Purple Grass Sites in Genshin Impact, here is a helpful guide to help you find them.

Violetgrass Locations in Genshin Impact

Where Violetgrass location Genshin Impact

As shown in the image above, Wuwang Hill is a great place to find purple grass. This area is in the far north of Liyue, just south of Qinge village. There are plenty of teleport points nearby, so getting to the location should be easy.

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The trick to finding Violetgrass, however, is that it grows on cliff faces rather than in fields or patches of grass as you might expect. This means that you will have to go up or down to harvest them.

Since there are no other uses for Violetgrass besides Ascending Qiqi, you shouldn't have to spend too much time putting them together. That said, since it's so arduous, you may want to have a large collection of a bunch so you don't have to repeat the process.

Where Violetgrass location Genshin Impact
And that is all you need to know about Purple Grass Locations in Genshin Impact. For more helpful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out the Twinfinite wiki.

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