How to get the Yoroi samurai armor in Halo Infinite multiplayer

How to get yoroi halo infinite - If you plan to play Halo Infinite and are following the latest talk on the competitive FPS game, then you have seen the Yoroi samurai armor. Well, with the game on the horizon, the Spartans are gearing up and eager to find out how to get the Yoroi samurai armor in Halo Infinite.

If you're going to jump to Halo Infinite soon and want to know how to get the Yoroi Samurai Armor, you will need to have a little patience as you won't be able to work towards getting the armor core right away when you start the free multiplayer.

How to get the Yoroi samurai armor in Halo Infinite multiplayer

As part of 343 Industries' live service support for the game, these barrelless armor sets will break the rules of the Halo universe and as such will not be available all the time.

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If you're looking for exactly how to get the Yoroi armor in Halo Infinite, read on to see what you need to do to add it to your Spartan gear collection.

How to get the Yoroi Samurai armor Halo Infinite 

To unlock and obtain the Yoroi Samurai armor in Halo Infinite, you will need to play Halo Infinite’s Fractures, specifically Tenrai Fracture during Season 1.

Before the event takes place, it's unclear what these splits will entail, but they will take the form of limited-time events that rotate in and out of multiplayer over the course of each three-month season.
As multiplayer launches and Halo Infinite Season 1 gets off to a successful start, 343 Industries will reveal exactly what the Tenrai Fracture will be. However, we will have to wait until then to get a better idea.

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