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Armor in Destiny, How to get armor mods in Destiny 2

Armor in Destiny - Lightfall is almost upon us, and things are about to change drastically, as is historically the case every time one of the big annual expansions for Destiny 2 drops. Among the changes being made is a massive overhaul of mods. and the matter in which they work.

In anticipation of said hotfix, almost all mods are now available for free to the entire player base (besides raid-specific and expert mods, respectively). While accessing these mods may seem obvious to Destiny veterans, it can still be confusing at first glance. To that end, here is a guide on how to get all the available armor mods in Destiny 2 season 19.

How To Get All Armor Mods In Destiny 2

Getting all of the armor mods available in Destiny 2 is a fairly simple process, as long as you first log into your particular character, and then know where to look.

Armor in Destiny, How to get armor mods in Destiny 2

Once you're signed in, open your director using the TAB button on PC, the center panel on PlayStation consoles, or the menu button on Xbox consoles. This will take you to the default character screen. Move the reticle/cursor to the right side where the armor is and press the corresponding button on any armor piece you want to add mods to to view the details of that armor piece. Finally, place the applicable mods on each piece and you're done.

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The good news is that players no longer need to unlock mods from collections and they are yours to keep. Please note that while this guide is primarily about armor mods, the same method can be done to use any applicable weapon mods. Just go to the left side of the screen, select the weapon you want to put mods on, and then you're golden.

Also, a bit of "buyer beware" if you will: Players who played before Lightfall will have access to ALL mods, but new players after the expansion releases will have to earn mods through the next few " Guardian Ranks.

What armor mods should you use?

We should also keep in mind that there are some mods that will be more useful to you than others. Focus on mods that increase specific stats, such as Intellect mods, Stamina mods, and Discipline mods. There are also the usual mods that help with building elemental wells, including (but not limited to) Reaping Wellmaker, Explosive Wellmaker, Elemental Charge, Bountiful wells, Font of Might, and Well of Tenacity.

There you go. With any luck, you'll be one step closer to being ready for Lightfall's release on February 28, 2023 with this guide on how to download all armor mods in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our other Destiny 2 guides for this season, including how to complete the new exotic quest Operation Seraph Shield, and check out some of our other Destiny 2 content below. Other than that, we see ourselves as guardians of the star side.

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