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Wishes in Genshin Impact, How to get free Wishes in Genshin Impact

How to get wishes genshin impact - According to internal sources that analyze the progress of Genshin Impact players, only 2-5% of players invest real money in the game. This makes it seem that only that small percentage have an advantage in the odds of the gachapon-type part of the game (virtually a game of chance). So how do we make the most of the Wishes we get in-game? If you don't want to spend money on it, here are some tips for you to master gacha like a pro.

Daily and Permanent Missions

You're going to say we look like dads, but the best way to earn your protogems is with honest work. And this is achieved by fulfilling the Daily Commissions. In this way you will be able to obtain 10 protogems per mission, to increase to 20 when you have completed the tasks of the Adventurer's Guild of any city, which will also grant you 11 Destiny each month.

Event Mini Games

Wishes in Genshin Impact, How to get free Wishes in Genshin Impact

They are quite common at major events, such as the Lantern Rite Festival. You should take advantage now that the developers have realized that the challenges should not be so difficult. Try to play as many as possible, because according to the difficulty of each one, the number of Destiny you can get will vary.


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Treasure Chests

Every time you find a chest on the main map, you will be awarded between 3 and 40 Protogems. The tired thing, you will surely think, is to look for them. But there are common positions, many of these chests are usually in places that are difficult to access, while others are recognizable by the scarlet ring that surrounds them, and that announces to the enemies that they must be defeated to obtain them, or that you must solve a nearby puzzle. . And in case you don't find something, try hitting anything slightly suspicious on the map - it could be guarding a chest.

Sacred sakura

In the Inazuma region, the Electro Sigils you get from opening chests can be exchanged for rewards at the Sacred Sakura Tree. You will need to spend around 1250 Sigils to be able to access all Fates.


Don't miss out on these tiny but very satisfying quests, as each achievement will award you between 5 and 20 Protogems.

Spiral of the Abyss

If you already have a little more experience, you should try Genshin Impact's Challenge Mode, where you are awarded a certain amount of protogems if you manage to eliminate enemies in a certain period of time. Rewards between floors 1 and 8 can only be obtained once. Rewards on floors 9-12 reset on the 1st and 16th of each month. We repeat: this is best to try only if you already have a good amount of experience in the game.

Official Transmissions

You should subscribe to the official Genshin Impact YouTube and Twitch channels, because every time the developers make an official broadcast to make an announcement, they reward their viewers by giving away codes to obtain free protogems.

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Stardust Exchange

Every time you make a wish, you get a small amount of Stardust. Every month, you can buy up to 5 Destinations from the store. But spend your stardust carefully, because as you surely know, it is not that easy to obtain.

Frostbearing Tree

ear the entrance to Dragonspine, the winter zone near Mondstadt, there is a white tree that rewards you for each Crimson Agate you convert. Once you reach Offering level 8, you will be able to take weekly quests to earn Agates.

Enter Game Events

Although extremely rare, Genshin Impact doesn't miss out on rewarding players for just logging in. One of these events always occurs at the Lantern Rite Festival, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. As you can guess, your reward will come just by logging into the game. Just... keep waiting.

Battle pass

Of course, we must not forget that the rewards also come for those who paid at the time. "But it says free there!" will point out our method of getting free Wishes and Protogems. Because if you know how to manage and save the protogems, you won't have to spend more than in the first Pass. The following ones you can pay with the Fates or the Protogems obtained in this one.

Level up

It is little, but finally it is necessary. You will get some of these precious rewards when you reach levels 20, 50 and 70.

Our recommendation, at a priority level, would be that you first spend on a Battle Pass and from then on start concentrating only on completing missions. Genshin Impact is designed so that you can succeed in it by taking small steps, do not expect very large rewards constantly, because that desperation is what will make you pay real money for them... and that is what the developers want from you. So have fun and take your time.

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