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How to Get and Use Disc Tombstones in FFXIV Endwalker

FFXIV Endwalker -  Endwalker is the latest expansion just released for Final Fantasy XIV, and it contains tons of new content that players can immerse themselves in for hundreds of hours. The new MSQ will take a considerable amount of time, and after that, you'll spend even more time on post-game activities and raids. Here's how to get and use disk tombstones in FFXIV Endwalker.

How to Get and Use Disc Tombstones in FFXIV Endwalker

Obtain Disc Tombstones in FFXIV Endwalker

First of all, Disc Tombstones are endgame material, which means that you must first have completed the MSQ Endwalker and have your character at level 90 with a combat class. The tombstones themselves are also obtained through Pandaemonium raids, and here is a guide to help you get started with this set of missions if you need help.

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To get a Disc Tombstone, you will need to return seven untouched Asphedelos Swords, obtained by completing Asphedelos: The Fourth Circle, which is the fourth raid in the first series of newly launched Pandaemonium raids.

You'll unlock the Fourth Circle after completing the first three Raids, and you'll be able to get an Asphedelos Blade untouched each week, which means you'll need a total of seven weeks before you can exchange them for a Stone. Rock. You'll be able to earn more Undiscovered Blades at a faster rate later on as more fixes are released and raids become easier to take down, but for now you're stuck at one per week.

Once you have enough untouched blades, head over to Radz-at-Han and speak to Djole at X: 10, Y: 9.5. You will be able to exchange your swords for a disk gravestone. 

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