Best weapons Destiny 2 , How to get in Destiny 2 some of the best weapons to start

How to Get best weapons to start in Destiny 2 - In Destiny 2 there are many interesting and relatively easy to get weapons. Weapons that allow players to have enough power to defeat Season Guardians among other things. The Witch Queen expansion featured around 60 new weapons from the start, along with many weapon changes prior to this content.


Best weapons Destiny 2 , How to get in Destiny 2 some of the best weapons to start

However, if we want to get god rolls in Bungie's game for some of these's a bit more difficult. Some of the best weapons for new players have been added in Season of the Revenant, within the Witch Queen. A portion of the weapons can be obtained through Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard operations "for free." Unfortunately, others require having paid content.

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Other than that, the weapons we discussed will help players new to Destiny 2 reach the power cap late in the content. Returning to the topic of scrolls, they are not strictly necessary, since many of these weapons that players are obtaining have good statistics. For example, the BXR-55 rifle, which has characteristics that make it a good option for PVP and PVE.

There are a number of things new players should be aware of: rate of fire, damage, handling. Also which builds work, which ones don't, as well as playstyle and guardians. That said, we are going to mention some of those weapons and where to get them.

Best weapons Destiny 2 , How to get in Destiny 2 some of the best weapons to start

For Destiny 2's Gambit operation we have the Servant Leader sniper rifle. In Crucible we can highlight the Inverted Crisis hand cannon. For Vanguard we will mention 3: the Royal Entrance rocket launcher, the Fortissimo-11 shotgun and the Empty Canister grenade launcher.

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Regarding the content of the anniversary Challenges of Eternity; We have already mentioned the BXR-55, the Baldía M5 shotgun among others. By the Witch Queen's own expansion; the Possible Suspect fusion rifle, the Sharp Inquiry sniper rifle, and the Smokescreen rocket launcher. We continue with the Revenants, among whose weapons we find the Inconsiderate sniper rifle or the Sweet Regret automatic rifle among others.

They're not the only good weapons for players just starting out in Destiny 2 or the only ways, but they are very good options that the game offers right now.

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