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Bushes in fortnite: How to hide in the bushes you threw

Hide in different bushes you threw down - New Fortnite weekly missions are available for players to complete, with one of them asking you to hide in a bush you dropped. This is how you can find the Big Bush bomb and do this.

Fortnite Weekly Missions are a great way to level up quickly so you can quickly progress through the Battle Pass and get your hands on a variety of cool looking cosmetic skins.


Bushes in fortnite: How to hide in the bushes you threw

Now, a new set of weekly quests have arrived in Chapter 4 Season 1, including one that requires you to hide in the bushes you drop. We will go over how you can complete this Fortnite Quest.

How to hide in the bushes you threw in Fortnite

To complete this quest, you will need to use the Big Bush Bombs which deploys portable bushes. This item can be looted from the ground, inside chests, Oathsworn Chests, and Supply Drops.

Bushes in fortnite: How to hide in the bushes you threw

This is what you should do:

  • Jump into a game of Fortnite.
  • Search the map until you find Big Bush Bombs.
  • Adds the Big Bush Bombs to your inventory.
  • Aim and then press shoot to drop a bush.
  • Walk towards the bush hide in it.


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Once you've hidden inside the bush, this quest will be marked complete and you'll receive 16,000 XP for your efforts. You can then complete the rest of the Fortnite Quests for additional XP.


It's worth keeping in mind that you're not guaranteed to find the Big Bush Bombs right away, so it may take a bit of looting before you can get this item. You will also encounter opposition from enemy players.

For this reason, we recommend that you stock up on as many powerful shields and weapons as you can right after landing on the island. Once you are prepared, you will be able to defend yourself against enemy attacks by completing this mission.


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