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Where to find The Dub exotic shotgun in Fortnite chapter 4

Where is the dub shotgun in fortnite - Of all the exotic weapons available in Fortnite, The Dub Shotgun is arguably the most entertaining weapon to use in Chapter 3 Season 3. This shotgun features a unique recoil mechanic that sends opponents flying after dealing damage. 

Where to find The Dub exotic shotgun in Fortnite chapter 4

The Dub reminds players of the iconic Flint-Knock pistol which features similar mechanics. In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players will be able to purchase The Dub Exotic Shotgun from three different NPCs.

Where to buy the exotic shotgun The Dub in Fortnite?

Where to find The Dub exotic shotgun in Fortnite chapter 4

You can buy The Dub from Jonesy the First, Ludwig, and Mullet Marauder NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. This exotic weapon costs around 600 gold bars. The Dub is incredibly powerful up close and deals massive damage with two successive shots. The only problem is that the opponent will be thrown away after the first shot.

You can use it in combination with a Shockwave Grenade in No Build mode to quickly track down the opponent. Similarly, players can use this weapon inside buildings where opponents have nowhere to escape. Ideally, in boxing fights, players should quickly build a wall to enclose the opponent before shooting them with The Dub.

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Where to find Jonesy the First, Ludwig and Mullet Marauder in Fortnite?

Jonesy the First, Mullet Marauder, and Ludwig are scattered across The Joneses POI. You will find them in the three houses marked with white circles in the map image above. Joneses POI is a quick drop spot, and you can expect countless opponents to land here for some good loot and easy eliminations.

We recommend finding weapons and shields first and dealing with opponents before interacting with NPCs. While these three NPCs sell The Dub, not all of them will appear in every match. Be sure to check all three houses to locate one of the three NPCs.

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