Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer || To get Diamond & Coin Free Fire for free || To get Diamond & Coin Free Fire for freee - In addition to the mobile legends and PUBG games that are currently booming, the Free Fire game is also one of the top games that now ranks top on Google Playstore. That is a sign that the game Free Fire is one game that is now in great demand by gamers. Even the level of popularity of the Free Fire game is comparable to the MOBA game, which in recent years has become the most popular game.

With the increasing interest in free fire games, it is certainly a profitable business field for developers to add their purses of money. To get this benefit, it's no wonder that many game developers use it by removing new haro heroes, skins, or other items.

The Free fire game is now being intensely launched with lots of skins, accessories, costumes, and weapons items launched by Free Fire game developers but with one condition, which is paid or cannot be obtained for free. To make transactions to purchase various items in the Free Fire game it cannot be done directly using ordinary money but the players must first buy diamonds. || To get Diamond & Coin Free Fire for free

With the acquisition of Diamond, it can be exchanged for various items that you will buy, such as heroes, skins, accessories, or others. But to get the diamond, not all Free Fire game players can get diamonds easily. But you don't need to worry because in this post the admin will share tricks on how to get a free diamond using

How to get Diamond Free Fire for free using

Recently, the free fire players are busy talking about how to get a diamond free fire garatis, which is by using the live ff ceton which is a web generatos. With ceton live ff, you have the opportunity to get diamond free fire for free with a fantastic amount of 10,000 to 90,000 diamond free fire. Besides being able to get free diamonds, you also have the opportunity to get 100.00 - 900,000 free coins. If you have already received quite a lot of coins and coins, you can of course be free to purchase premium items in the free fire game. For more details, this is how to get coins and free ff via

How to get Diamond & Coin Free Fire for free at

  1. First, please visit the Ceton Live FF site by clicking the link that we provide below
  2. Then fill in the userneme column by using your free fire account username then please click connect
  3. After that the web will load for a while to connect with the username and please wait until it's successful then click OK
  4. Then please scroll down, now there is a drop down menu that contains the number of coins and diamond free fire that you get, then please click Generate.
  5. After that the web will load again for the process of inserting diamond into your free fire account and please wait until the process is complete
  6. The next step is the verification process by clicking the Very Now button after that, please wait until the process is complete
  7. After that, please enter the Free Fire account game and please check whether the diamond and coins have been added to your account or not.

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That's the post about To get Diamond & Coin Free Fire for free, admin hopes this post is useful and can be a solution for those of you who need it.

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