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Where to find Krampus vanguard Call of Duty Warzone, read here

How to kill krampus vanguard -  The Holiday Fervor event is now available in Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard: we show you where to find the fearsome Krampus.


Last Friday was a great day for all Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard players. Why? Well, because the Holiday Fervor Christmas event is now available for both games.


This means that Christmas has arrived on the Caldera map of Warzone Pacific, which translates into tons of new content: the Elf 6 team, a new game mode ... and more.

Where to find Krampus vanguard Call of Duty Warzone, read here

Do you know Krampus? Known as the '' Dark Santa Claus '' in some Northern European cultures, this creature will punish bad soldiers in COD Warzone Pacific ... so be very careful.


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If you're brave enough and want to stand up to him, you'll have to find him first ... so find out where to find Krampus in Call of Duty Warzone, with the Holiday Fervor event.

Where to find Krampus Call of Duty Warzone

The appearance of Krampus is one of the great novelties of Festive Fervor, the Christmas event of COD Warzone Pacific and COD Vanguard in its season 1.


This fearsome creature roams the Caldera map, chasing after soldiers who have misbehaved this year. Sharpen your aim, because it will not be easy to defeat the dark Santa Claus.

As in other games like Resident Evil 3, when we hit Krampus we will get rewards and other gifts. Note that he also appears in COD Vanguard.


To find Krampus, you must take into account that he will appear every 3 minutes in Caldera. When the three minutes are up, he will go on to chase another player, so you should take your chance.


The bad news is that there is no predetermined zone where he appears. Krampus can appear anywhere on the Caldera map ... but there are ways to draw him to us.


To attract Krampus, we must have coal in our inventory. This material will prove that we have behaved badly, which will cause this monster to appear to hunt us in Caldera.


Coal can be found in the Christmas Crates, which are generated automatically and randomly in different places on the map. You will have to explore to find each unit.


Once you have the coal, you must locate yourself in the fir trees, which are next to the palm trees on the Caldera map. These appear on the map as points of interest.


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There the Christmas boxes will appear more frequently, ergo, you can get coal. As soon as you have it, Krampus will have you in his sights for a period of 3 minutes.


Be careful, because it does not mean that Krampus will appear immediately. Of course, at some point he will chase us, and you will have to shoot him enough to get the rewards.


If you are interested, the process of finding Krampus in Call of Duty Vanguard is much easier. We will simply have to ignore the objective of the game, which will anger Krampus and he will immediately chase us. 


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