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Carnage Mythic fortnite, Where to find Carnage Mythic & Venom Mythic Weapon

How To Get Venom mythic in fortnite -  As part of the Fortnite Season 8 festivities, Epic Games recently added a new Mythic weapon to the game that gives players the powers of both. Venom and carnage, two characters from the Marvel universe. For Fortnite players who are trying to get hold of one of the new Symbiote Canisters, this guide will help folks.

Carnage Mythic fortnite, Where to find Carnage Mythic  & Venom Mythic Weapon

Like some of the rarer weapons in Fortnite, finding Venom and Carnage's mythical weapon is not an easy task, and it will appear randomly on the map, but there is a method to ensure that players can obtain it before other players.

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Where to find Venom and Carnage's mythical weapon in Fortnite season 8

 This new Fortnite Mythic Weapon will appear on the map if players open it during a match, but not right at the beginning of the game. Symbiote boats will only appear once the first storm circle has appeared, which occurs about a minute after everyone jumps out of the battle bus. Therefore, players generally need to be lucky and hope that they finish near one of the boats within the storm circle. However, players must jump out of the bus in the middle of the map once a match begins and then slowly float in the air until the first circle appears.


Once the first circle appears, players should immediately open their map and look closely for small icons that look like spiders. These are the locations of the canister that will give players the power of Venom / Carnage. There aren't too many on the map, so players need to head to the area as quickly as they can before other players show up to take it as well.

Carnage Mythic fortnite, Where to find Carnage Mythic  & Venom Mythic Weapon

The canister will need to be interacted with before players can grab it, and once they do, the Mythic Weapon will be unlocked. Players can extend their arms to attack enemies or structures, but there is a 10 second cooldown after each attack.


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While the Mythic weapon is powerful, the cooldown will ensure Fortnite players are not overusing the item's capacity. Sometimes a balance issue can cause Epic Games to remove a feature from the game for a short period of time so the development team can get back to work to make things fair for everyone. 

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