How to get legendary guns in cod mobile | How to rent legendary weapon in Call of Duty Mobile

How to get legendary guns in cod mobile - Call of Duty Mobile is one of those titles that is never short of things to do, it is practically always updated by adding new content to the game, be it events, maps or weapons. And the store that accompanies all these updates is not far behind either, there are always new things or ideas that make the player want to spend a bit of their money on some aesthetic elements.

One of the novelties of the Call of Duty Mobile store is the possibility of renting legendary weapons, which if you don't know how it works, we will explain it to you in this guide.

How does the rental of legendary weapons work in Call of Duty Mobile?

Players have been able to obtain legendary weapons through the draws that are launched during the seasons for a while, but now they also have the option to rent these types of weapons for a few days. At the time of writing this guide there are four legendary weapons available:

  • RPD – Practical Joker.
  • Type 25 – Magnetic Engine.
  • PP19 Bizon – Invocation.
  • Mk2 – Helix Grade.

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How to get legendary guns in cod mobile | How to rent legendary weapon in Call of Duty Mobile

After purchasing the "Gunners' Choice - First Edition" box for 100 COD Points (price may vary by region), the player can open it and they will randomly get one of the four legendary weapons available in this bundle, but not they can keep it forever, but can only be used for 3 days.

Remember that COD Points are not free and are purchased in the store for real money.

The bundle is a great opportunity for players to play with a legendary weapon for a few days at a low price. The negative point is that it is only a rental and then it will disappear from your armory.

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