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Where to find Lock On Pistol in Fortnite and how to damage opponents Pistol in Fortnite

How to get lock on pistol fortnite - There's been a lot for players to get stuck into in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. The update brought a ton of map changes, a shiny new Battle Pass, and even the long-awaited Attack on Titan collaboration.

Epic Games hasn't stopped there though, releasing regular updates to keep the community up to date with new content, from seasonal events to all-new weapons.

The latest addition is the Lock On Pistol, which requires players to deal damage to complete a weekly mission. Here's where to find the Lock On pistol in Fortnite and how to use it.

Where to find Lock On pistol in Fortnite

Where to find Lock On Pistol in Fortnite and how to damage opponents Pistol in Fortnite

The Lock On pistol can be found in Chests, loot caches, and on the ground as it has been added to the normal Fortnite loot pool.

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Unlike Kinetic Blade, there doesn't seem to be a specific location on the map that guarantees a lock-on gun. So, you'll have to loot as usual and hope for the best.

That being said, you can drastically improve your chances of finding this new weapon if you land in a named location like Mega City or Slappy Shores, as these will have a lot more chests and loot to search for.
The Lock On pistol is perfect for hitting moving targets in Fortnite.

How to damage opponents with Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

Once you've managed to get your hands on a Lock On pistol in Fortnite, simply hold down the aim button and aim the weapon at an enemy until the crosshair turns pink. This means that the pistol has been successfully locked onto the opponent, so their next shots will automatically follow the target.

So all you have to do is pull the trigger and watch your bullets follow the player for a guaranteed hit. However, make sure to keep your aim relatively close to the enemy while shooting, as getting too far away will break the lock.

Here is a step by step guide on how to damage opponents with the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite:

  • Open chests and loot to find a Lock On pistol.
  • Hold down the aim button while looking at an enemy.
  • Wait for all four crosses to turn pink, indicating that the target is locked.
  • Press fire to fire bullets that will automatically hit the opponent.


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Once you get the hang of it, simply repeat the steps above until you've dealt a total of 200 damage with Lock On Pistol to tick off this Fortnite Weekly Quest.

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