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Where are the scout regiment footlockers in fortnite

Where are the scout regiment footlockers - Fortnite's Scout Regiment Chests are a new type of special chest that has started appearing on the island, and they're well worth seeking out as they contain some new Mythic loot. 

They are part of the Fortnite Attack on Titan crossover, and by searching these chests you should receive both the powerful weapon Thunder Spears and the ODM Gear so you can traverse the environment with ease. To complete one of Eren Jaeger's quests, you need to search three of these AOT boxes, so you'll naturally appreciate being pointed in the right direction. We've been looking for them, so here's where to look for Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite.

Where to find the Fortnite scout regiment trunks

Where are the scout regiment footlockers in fortnite

So far, we've been able to find several Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlockers locations, which are circled on the map above. The most obvious of these is in the Fortnite Jaeger Family Basement in Anvil Square, but that location will be very popular, so it's unlikely you'll find a special chest intact there, even if you arrive immediately from the Battle Bus.

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From our initial searches, it appears that the Scout Regiment chests are spawning in similar locations to previous Fortnite Oathbound chests, which makes sense since those were the last special chests to appear in the battle royale.

There is no exact correlation, but we did notice several Scout Regiment Footlockers in The Citadel, as well as King's Launch and near Royal Ruin on the west coast, along with the Secluded Spire near Slappy Shores to the east. We'll add more locations to the map when they're confirmed, but for now there should be enough marks above to go on, and if you need more, try revisiting some of the Oathbound chest areas.

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