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How to Crouch in Fortnite and Every Fortnite Control

How to crouch in fortnite switch -  The Fortnite game is cross-platform and usable on all recent consoles on the market (PS4, X Box One, and Nintendo Switch). In other words, it is a huge virtue because it makes it easier for us to play with friends beyond the console, but on the other hand, it can create problems if you have the game on different consoles.

How to Crouch in Fortnite – Learn Each and Every Fortnite Control

How to Crouch in Fortnite and Every Fortnite Control
If you're wondering how it can become an inconvenience, the answer is simple: Having to remember each and every button on each and every console. Each one has its own controls and each button executes an action in the game.

Among the most essential actions in Fortnite is, without a doubt, crouching, since it not only makes it easier for you to take cover, but also optimizes the accuracy of the sight, making the action of shooting to remove opponents simpler.

Fortnite player view

The drawback is that if you have no idea to crouch in Fortnite on the different consoles you can put yourself at serious risk. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to crouch in Fortnite on each and every one of the accessible consoles.

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Fortnite controls on PC

It is possible that playing on PC is the most comfortable way to play Fornite for many players, since each action has its own key. Besides, you can change the keys by accessing the “Settings” menu and then entering Input.

However, since there are so many actions and keys, you may get a bit confused with what we leave you with a catalog with the Fortnite commands on PC, so that you not only learn to crouch but rather to do all kinds of actions.

  • Crouch: Left Control
  • Move Forward: W / Up Arrow.
  • Move Back: S / Down Arrow.
  • Move Right: D / Right Arrow.
  • Move Left: A / Left Arrow.
  • Cursor mode: Alt left / Alt right.
  • Skip: Spice bar.
  • Shoot: Left mouse click.
  • Purpose: Right mouse click.
  • reload : r
  • Use: And also.
  • Equip trap: T.
  • Modify construction: G.
  • Move building material: Right mouse click.
  • Choose building genre: V.
  • Rotate building: R
  • Reset building edition: Right mouse click.
  • Recompose / Make better: F.
  • Slot up: Mouse wheel down.
  • Slot down: Mouse wheel up.
  • Chat: Enter.
  • Quick message: b.
  • Put a note: No.
  • Set Purpose: Middle Mouse Button.
  • Open Map: M.
  • Open inventory: I.
  • Skip cinematic: Space bar.
  • Resurrect: Left mouse click.
  • Respawn: Right mouse click.
  • Run: Left Shift.
  • Weapon slot 1: 1.
  • Weapon slot 2: 2.
  • Weapon slot 3: 3.
  • Weapon slot 4: 4.
  • Weapon slot 5: 5.
  • Capacity Slot 1: Z
  • Capacity Slot 2: X
  • Capacity Slot 3: C
  • Device slot 1: 5.
  • Device Slot 2: 6

How To Fortnite controls on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch controls are also very simple. If you have the Pro Controller, you just have to press the R button and that way you will crouch.

Likewise, if you don't have a Pro Controller, you have to squeeze the right Joy Con to get into a crouch. Now we are going to leave you a catalog of each and every one of the probable actions in Fortnite.

  • Move building material: ZL.
  • Previous construction part: L.
  • Inventory: Key above the crosshead.
  • Dance/Emoji: Key below the crosshairs.
  • Squad Communications: Key to the right of the crosshead.
  • Sprint: Press the left stick a couple of times.
  • Corroborate: ZR.
  • Next construction part: R.
  • Move to peak: X.
  • Trap/Play: Y.
  • Change in form of construction/Modify part of construction: A.
  • jump : r
  • Look around: Right stick.
  • Rotate construction part: Press right stick.
  • Game menu: +.
  •  Map: -.

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How To Fortnite controls on PS4 and Xbox One

Here it becomes a bit more annoying since you have to switch between the perfect combat mode and the perfect construction mode. In the perfect construction mode you will be able to build buildings to protect yourself or climb to have a better view of your opponents. You can crouch by pressing the R3 button on PS4 and the R button on Xbox One

For its part, the perfect combat mode makes it easy for you to change weapons, aim and shoot to remove all your opponents. To switch between these methods you have to press the circle button on PS4 while on Xbox One you have to press the B button.

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