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Where to Find Clinger Damage Fortnite and How to Use clingers fortnite

Where to find clingers fortnite - Another week and another new addition to Fortnite! This time in the form of a grenade that sticks to any surface and is called: CLINGER! Learn how much damage the Clinger does, where to find it, and how to use it with our guide.

Where to Find Clinger Damage Fortnite and How to Use  clingers fortnite

This one should be interesting for a variety of players. One of the tricky things about the regular grenade is that it bounces off things and it's kind of hard to land exactly where you want. Well, with the clinger grenade, you won't have this problem. In fact, if you land directly on a player, it will stick to them and ensure that the damage explodes. I think this will actually end up being pretty cool, i.e. people carry grenades as a slot item until they heal or a better weapon.

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How is it different from remote explosives?

Well, obviously you can't control when this thing goes off, so that's a big difference. Remote explosives have a shorter throw distance. The biggest difference though is that these can stick to players which is a huge advantage and can make these a pretty skilled weapon if people get the accuracy on them.

Grabber Damage, Rarity, Delay, and Blast Radius

This new grenade deals 100 damage to the player and 200 to structures. The radius of the explosion is one tile, one square on the grid. Has a 2.5 second delay before exploding, can't explode in mid-air, and will detonate sooner if someone destroys the structure it's attached to!

Where to find the bra, stack size

The clinger is uncommon (green) and can be found in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, Treasure Chests! These drop in a stack of 3 and you can have a maximum of 10 clinger grenades!

How to use the clinger fortnite

Hold down the fire button and you will get a range meter that will allow you to aim where you want them to go. They seem to have a pretty far throw radius, so I'd imagine it's the same or pretty similar to the standard grenade. The clinger flashes a blue light once it lands, with the flashing increasing in speed the closer it is to detonation. It also makes a sucking noise when it sticks to a surface, so you won't be surprised while the volume is up.

Clinger fortnite Tips and Tricks

  • If you're playing with squads or duos, having one of them fall on an enemy can lead to a multi-kill situation.
  • You'll be able to easily land them on bases from a variety of positions depending on how far they can be thrown. This is particularly the case if you get in a high position on your opponent.
  • These are going to be great for throwing in tight quarters right behind an opponent who is sitting behind a wall. However, they won't ricochet, so you may have to expose yourself to a bit more danger than with regular grenades.
  • These deal 100 damage to a player, so using them early in a game could result in a quick and easy kill.


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