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How to activate Fortnite sound effects display settings

How To active  sound effects display settings in Fortnite -  Fortnite comes with a pretty substantial learning curve. Bloom replaces recoil, making it difficult to aim. And the ability to build adds a layer of complexity to combat. 

Players must not only learn how to build, but also navigate opponents' structures. While you're stuck in an intense build fight, you might lose track of your opponent. Or you may not be aware that a third party is entering.

A good pair of headphones can really help improve your situational awareness. However, it doesn't hurt to get some help from an in-game feature. Let me introduce you to the Fortnite sound effect display settings.

How to use Visualize Sound Effects in Fortnite

To turn on Display Sound Effects, open the settings menu and navigate to Audio Settings. Then turn on "Display Sound Effects." This will show the direction of various noises in the game.

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If you don't have headphones, playing around with Visualize Sound Effects is a must. It allows you to know the exact direction of the steps, shots, vehicles and heals. It even shows the direction of sounds you might not otherwise be able to hear.

This is especially useful in build fights, as you can see where the players are by looking at the gauges on the screen. Fortnite's Display Sound Effects setting is pretty cool, but it does have a few drawbacks.
Unfortunately, this setting will override the effects of the 3D audio settings. If you are not playing with headphones, this will not affect you. However, you can't be cheeky and use 3D audio and Visualize sound effects.

How to activate Fortnite sound effects display settings

There are also some sounds that Visualize Sound Effects won't show you. These include when a player is crouched walking or falling. Also, it will show the direction of your teammate's shots if you go too far.

That said, you may want to try Visualize Sound Effects for yourself. If you're struggling to keep up with players, you can up your game.  For more on Fortnite, check out how to view your Late Game Arena hype rating and stay tuned for more news and guides. 

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