Threat sensor in Halo Infinite : How to use the threat sensor in Halo Infinite

How to use threat sensor halo infinite - The Halo Infinite Threat Sensor is one of the most useful gear you can find, and it's one you'll want to use whenever you get it in a multiplayer match. It brightens up your radar and shows you where the enemies are, although 343 isn't very interested in telling you how to actually use the threat sensor.

Threat sensor in Halo Infinite : How to use the threat sensor in Halo Infinite

What is the threat sensor in Halo Infinite?

The threat sensor scans the surrounding area every few seconds and displays nearby enemies on the mini-radar. The threat sensor sticks to any surface and sends pulses for its duration, which are approximately six seconds. It's not a constant thing, so you'll want to pay attention and plan accordingly while you're active. players to scan the areas once used. What Halo Infinite doesn't tell you is actually how to use the threat sensor or whatever equipment.

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How to use threat sensor in Halo Infinite

You will use the key or button on the computer to activate the threat sensor. On PC, the default team key is "Q" and is linked to the right bumper (RB) on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

The threat sensor is best used when you are alone, for example if you are defending a base or guarding your flag alone. However, feel free to toss it out and ignore it if something better comes along.

Additionally, you must use the threat sensor for at least one of the Halo Infinite challenges to earn XP for the Battle Pass.

As you stalk your Spartan prey, be sure to follow our best weapons guide and grab the right one for the job. Vehicle hijacking is always a good idea and can quickly turn the game in your favor. You can even get a Steaktacular if you play your cards right. However, you will not get any credit. Those take real money. 

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