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Wolverine claws, Where find wolverine claws in fortnite

How to get the wolverine claws in fortnite -  epic Games just entered Wolverine as a hidden boss within the Fortnite map. Like Iron Man and Doom Doom before him, players will need to defeat Wolverine to complete one of the upcoming challenges. In this guide we will explain where to find the superhero and get his sharp claws.

Wolverine claws, Where find wolverine claws in fortnite

In Fortnite, Wolverine is found in the Weeping Forest, but there is a small problem: there is no specific area in this area where the character spawns, so the exact location of him is totally random. Hurry to enter the forest and hope to find him quickly, keep in mind that if another player defeats him before you in your own game, Wolverine will not respawn.

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On the map below, you can find the area where Wolverine is hiding in a circle:

Wolverine claws, Where find wolverine claws in fortnite

claws will be very simple. First you have to take out the superhero: The fight can take a while as Wolverine has several hit points, but you should be able to take him down with no problem. Once he lands, he will drop Wolverine's claw ability next to him.

Once picked up and obtained, the claws will allow you to perform devastating fast attacks, capable of taking down other players with just a few hits. In addition, they will give you the innate ability to jump with great speed towards enemies even far away, a great advantage both in combat and when the circle of storms contracts.

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The information related to how to get Wolverine claws in Fortnite ends here, we hope we have been useful to you. We also remind you that if you need other tips or guides, we refer you to our dedicated section always updated with the titles of the moment.

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