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How to get through the lost forests in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

How to get through lost forests in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - In Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom ejects Link from the Great Hyrule Forest when he strays too far into the ominous purple mist that surrounds him.

There's no point in trying to enter the Great Hyrule Forest the traditional way, as as far as we know, there's no path that leads you safely past the Lost Woods.

Even if you try to slide into the middle of the Korok forest, but it doesn't work.

This is an important area to get into if you want the Master Sword in particular, but luckily there's a quick and easy method around the pesky purple mist; which is why I have detailed how to get through the Lost Woods in Zelda.

How to get through the lost forests in Zelda?


If you want to get through the Lost Woods in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you need to explore the chasm below the Lost Woods and head to the Korok Grove below the middle of the Korok Forest, then use ascend to get out of the top.

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To help you get to that exact location, I recommend placing a marker in the middle of Korok Forest (where the Master Sword was located in Breath of the Wild) and then jumping down the Minshi Woods chasm near Woodlands Stable and Ekochiu. Shrine.

How to get through the lost forests in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Deploy your glider at the end of the chasm jump so Link doesn't meet an untimely death, then start walking towards the marker you placed in the center of the Korok Forest to reach the Korok Grove below it. Stopping at any Lightroot location on your way to dispel the darkness.

Be sure to also use the glowing flower seeds to light your way as you walk or you might run into some nasty dark areas and lose a lot of health.

Although not required, I also suggest collecting the Blue Poes in the Minshi Woods Chasm so you can exchange them for useful rewards like the Dark Robe or bombs on the Poe Bargainer statues.

When you get close to the marker you placed in Korok Grove, you should see two Lightroots in the distance. It is advisable to go to Eknupup Lightroot on the right side first, so that you can more easily reach Rikonasum Lightroot on the left side, which is where Korok Grove is.

However, watch out for the Gloom Hands on this path! A lot of resources can be needed to take on Gloom Hands, so it's best to run towards Eknupup Lightroot rather than fight them.

After activating Rikonasum Lightroot in Korok Grove, go to the stairs that lead to a stone platform with a roof nearby. Beneath this stone ceiling, use Ascend and you will emerge into Korok Forest and eventually, find a path through the lost forests.

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As soon as you reach Korok Forest, go and activate the nearby Musanokir Shrine, even if you don't want to complete it now.

Activating it means you can fast travel back to Musanokir Shrine if you want to quickly traverse the lost woods again, should you leave that area.

You may notice that all the Koroks are eerily silent if you try to talk to them. This is because the Deku Tree is sick and in order to make it feel better and return the Great Hyrule Forest to its original state, you must go down the chasm inside the Deku Tree and defeat the Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon.

You'll get a quest that will lead you to the Master Sword after that, so it's worth doing. Hetsu will also reappear in Korok Forest after you help the Deku Tree.

I wish you the best as you explore the rest of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom! Remember that you can find the best guides and help in our complete guide from scratch for Zelda in cyber ninjas.

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