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Fortnite Lantern Trials and earn in-game rewards lantern festival 2022

Fortnite lantern trials sign in - Epic Games is once again giving Fortnite fans a chance to win some free rewards. If you completed the Zero Build tests, you now have a bunch of new sprays to use in the game. Today the Fortnite Flashlight Trials begin, giving you the chance to expand your emote pool.

This time the challenges can be completed in the regular Battle Royale modes or in the Zero Build playlist. We explain how you can complete the Fornite Lantern Trials and claim your gifts.

Fortnite Lantern Trials and earn in-game rewards lantern festival 2022

To participate in the Fortnite Lantern Trials, all you have to do is visit the Lantern Trials website and sign in with your Epic Games account. It is important to note that this will only be a limited time event. A new daily challenge will be available to complete each day from April 20th to April 24th. You also have stretch goals to unlock more rewards, which you can use in your matches.

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Lantern trials fortnite reward

What rewards are available in the Fortnite Flashlight Trials?

If you are a fan of emoticons, these challenges are for you. On the first day, you can earn the Brawlin' Bunny emote. The second day allows you to get your hands on the Rook's Eyeroll emote. With the day three challenge, you can add the Sweaty Jonesy emote. The Shrug Ranger emote will be available on the fourth day. If you missed any of the daily challenges, day five will give you a second chance to unlock the emotes from the previous days.

Moving on to stretch goals, achieving a stretch goal unlocks the Leadlight Wrap. Additionally, you can equip the Dream Lantern Back Bling once you complete two stretch goals. Both sport an attractive blue and gold motif, which you can see in the image at the bottom of this article.

Emoticons may not be the most sought after cosmetic, but who doesn't love free stuff? The Back Ornament and Weapon Wrap are likely to be the cosmetics fans want the most, so be sure to complete those stretch goals.

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