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Melee damage in fortnite, What are melee weapons in Fortnite?

How to do melee damage in fortnite - When you jump into Fortnite, you'll need to start collecting a variety of items to help you win the match, including bandages, shields, gold bars, and powerful weapons to use against enemy players.


Melee damage in fortnite, What are melee weapons in Fortnite?

The game has a huge collection of weapons that you can collect, including a ton of ranged weapons. However, if you prefer to take on your enemies up close and personal, there are plenty of close range options available as well.

What is a ranged weapon in Fortnite?

A melee weapon in Fortnite is a weapon that you use to physically attack enemies up close. That includes all the weapons in the Battle Royale title that don't fire projectiles or bullets.


Melee damage in fortnite, What are melee weapons in Fortnite?

You start each match with the Pickaxe Harvesting Tool, which can be used to clip through structures and deal small amounts of damage to enemy players. You can also pick up the Shockwave Hammer during the match.

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How to use melee weapons in Fortnite

You can use melee weapons to take out enemies by walking towards your target with the equipped weapon and pressing the attack/fire button. Once you have made direct contact with the opponent, you will take damage from the melee weapon.

This is what you should do:

  • Equip a Melee weapon.
  • Get closer to your opponent.
  • press the attack/shoot button.
  • Repeat the process to continue dealing damage.

One of the Fortnite Geralt of Rivia missions forces you to deal 500 melee damage to enemies. Doing so will earn you the Witcher's Silver Sword, which can also be unlocked through School of the Llama Quests.

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