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Skin Kid Laroi, How to get the Kid LAROI skin in Fortnite

How to get the kid laroi skin in fortnite -  Fortnite and The Kid LAROI are teaming up for a huge event that will bring the Australian superstar to Epic Games' hit battle royale hit to perform an in-game concert. Fans of the singer will also have the option to add him to their locker as an Icon Series skin if they so choose.

When is The Kid LAROI skin released in Fortnite?

Epic announced the skin's release date as January 26, and players will be able to pick it up in the item shop at that time. This is a day before his in-game concert, so expect a lot of players to get nervous at the show. There will be two separate bundles included in the store, with the first inspired by the singer and the second dressed in a rogue look.


Skin Kid Laroi, How to get the Kid LAROI skin in Fortnite

The first pack includes The Kid LAROI's default outfit with a second style that turns his skin blue and the Get My Bag Back Bling that will come with two different styles. The second pack comes with The Rogue LAROI outfit, which also features a blue skin variant, and the Tragic BLADE Back Bling that doubles as a pickaxe.

Epic announced a second way to get it for players looking for an alternative method to unlock the skin without spending V-Bucks. On January 24, Fortnite will be hosting The Kid LAROI Cup, which gives players a chance to get the skin for free.

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How to get the Kid Laroi skin for free in Fortnite

Fortnite is hosting a Duos Zero Build tournament on January 24 that will reward the top finishers with the skin as a prize. This has been something that Epic Games has traditionally done with their Icon Skins over the years, so it won't come as a surprise to long-time players.

Tournament winners will unlock both The Kid LAROI packs for free, but there are also some goodies for players who decide to participate. Anyone who earns at least eight points in the tournament will unlock the LAROI Banner Icon and the LAROI Smile Emote.

Each kill is worth one point, and reaching January 25 will also net one point, so players shouldn't have much trouble reaching at least eight points if the goal is just some free cosmetics. Each team has a total of 10 games to compete before their final score is counted. Duos wishing to compete should read the official tournament rules before diving in.

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