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Throne room in fortnite, Where to find the Fortnite Throne Room

Where is the throne in fortnite - Fortnite's throne room is hidden deep within The Citadel, so you'll need to explore the lower level if you want to find it. Although this majestic setting looks impressive, there's actually a disappointing amount of loot to be found here, so the main reason you'll want to visit is to complete an entry in the Fortnite Geralt quests.


That particular task involves having a little dance once you get to the right part of this imposing castle, so here's the info on how to get excited in The Citadel throne room in Fortnite once you get there.

Where is the throne room in Fortnite ?

Fortnite's throne room is located in The Citadel, which is the large castle building marked as a named location on the northwest side of the map. The throne room itself is on the ground floor level, at the base of the central section of the building.

Throne room in fortnite, Where to find the Fortnite Throne Room

As it's at the base of The Citadel, the easiest way to get to the Fortnite throne room is to enter the large door on the south side of the castle past the long bridge and stairs, then simply follow the corridor to find the throne. room. Because the ceiling in this room has a large opening, it's possible to fall that way as well, though it's too far to fall, so you'll need to slide down or have some other way to break your fall to survive landing.

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You can also go down to the Fortnite throne room from the roof by following the set of stairs that come down from the north side of the roof, passing one of the Fortnite Oathbound chests on your way down to the ground level. You'll know you're in the right place when you enter a room from the side with four giant statues looking down at a stone circle on the floor.


Be careful not to go through the small doors on the south side of the rooftop when you get going, unless you want to fight the Fortnite boss aka the Eternal Champion as they will attack you as soon as they see it. enter the Great Hall there.

How to get excited in the throne room of The Citadel in Fortnite

Throne room in fortnite, Where to find the Fortnite Throne Room

Once you have entered the Fortnite throne room by following the instructions above, you just need to perform any gesture to complete the mission. You can do this by tapping down on the d-pad to perform your default/most recently used emote, or by holding down on the d-pad to bring up the emote wheel, where you can cycle through your collection and choose your preferred moves to perform.

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