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Combat shotgun fortnite chapter 4, Fortnite reduces shotgun damage and restores trap damage.

How to get combat shotgun fortnite - In a small Fortnite update with massive implications, Epic Games have finally neutralized the shotgun damage (and restored the trap damage from 75 to 150, thank goodness).

“For a while we felt like Shotguns promoted healthy gameplay during the quarterfinals, however with the recent changes to equip time shotguns are being used more often than we like,” the update reads. "It's something we've been keeping an eye on, but generally speaking we think the shotguns are too strong in their current state."


Combat shotgun fortnite chapter 4, Fortnite reduces shotgun damage and restores trap damage.

You can read the full patch notes on Epic's Fortnite blog, but here's the basic gist: Pump Shotgun damage has been reduced from 90 (Uncommon) / 95 (Rare) to 80/85, and the multiplier headshot reduced from 2.5 to 2.0.

What that means is that no one with full shields and full health can be killed instantly by a well-aimed shot from a pump-action shotgun. However, for anyone under 190 years of health, you're still in hell. But the ability to close the gap and get the best shot is Fortnite's true test of skill, so it's unclear how easily players will appreciate such a big change.

The good news for pump enthusiasts is that the “double switch” tactic still holds true, where players carry two shotguns in their inventory, fire one shot, and quickly switch to the next shotgun for quick damage output and heavy.

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The remaining shotguns have been nerfed more mercifully. Tactical Shotgun damage (67/70/74) has not been altered, but they will face the same frontal fire multiplier decrease from 2.5 to 2.0. The change leaves the Heavy Shotgun as the most powerful (73.5 / 77), better to accommodate its lower drop rate.

With recent buffs to other medium-proximity weapons like the minigun and silenced SMGs, Epic hopes to bring the inevitable conclusion to any rush or build battle more than just a point-and-click contest. Between pistols, SMGs, miniguns, and LMGs, there is a set of weapons that most players ignore in favor of shotguns. Any move to diversify close combat is great with me.

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Any player still trying to get a trap kill after Epic halved his damage output can rejoice. Spike's traps are back at 150. Let's hope that never changes. But some changes are inevitable. Get ready to say goodbye to jetpacks. Presented as a temporary article, the changes will begin next Monday, June 11.

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