Coordinates for fortnite chapter 4 || All the coordinates of objects in Fortnite Chapter 4

Fortnite coordinates chapter 4 -  As Fortnite went into a downtime for the upcoming Chapter 4 release, fans have way too much time left that they would normally spend playing. However, Epic Games have thought ahead and have given players a scavenger hunt to unlock trailers for Chapter 4 content. Here are all the coordinates for items in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Every Fortnite Chapter 4 object coordinate

With the current server downtime, players can head over to the official Chapter 4 website. On this site, players are asked to "enter coordinates and discover objects together."

Coordinates for fortnite chapter 4 || All the coordinates of objects in Fortnite Chapter 4

Each work coordinate reveals a fun little sneak peek posted in Chapter 4. At the time of writing, the website says that 7% of the objects have been found. The coordinates are also not like the coordinates on a map.

Fortnite coordinates codes

These are the codes that have been found so far:

  • KNE-LB-4ME (Motorcycle)
  • 2TH-EK-33P (harvesting tool)
  • 6HT-TQ-4BY (probably a battle pass outfit)

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Considering that the first two are translated as "kneel before me" and "to the fortress", it is likely that much more important clues will be found.

Brie Larson tweeted the third coordinate, so the rest will likely leak over the next few hours until the game is back up and running.

An incoming message from The Paradigm: I've done all I can do. This is your fight now. 6HUTQ4BY

— Brie Larson (@brielarson) December 3, 2022

While these are all the coordinates we know of, for now we'll continue to monitor the Twitter accounts of other prominent Fortnite voice actors like Joel McHale and Rahul Kohli to see if they have anything to add.

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At the moment, these are all the coordinates of objects in Fortnite Chapter 4. It's good to see motorcycles confirmed for the new season. When we first heard of motorcycles in Fortnite, data miner HYPEX found evidence that they were coming in June.

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