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Jack o lanterns in fortnite, Where to find Jack O' Lanterns in Fortnite

Where to find jack o lanterns in fortnite - Fortnite continues to be one of the best Battle Royale games with its constant changes and improvements that make players enjoy the experience every time they play. They keep things fresh with map changes, skins, and challenges, and allow players to take part in fun events like Fortnitemares. You can earn unique rewards with Fortnitemares by completing themed challenges. Plus, there are plenty more spooky surprises on the island.

Jack o lanterns in fortnite, Where to find Jack O' Lanterns in Fortnite

Jack O' Lantern
All locations in Fortnite

Jack O' Lanterns are part of the festive Halloween decorations that are spread across the map during Fortnitemares. They usually appear alongside other decorations like tombstones, candy buckets, and inflatable decorations. On the map, you can mostly find them in residential houses or commercial business areas.

Jack o lanterns in fortnite, Where to find Jack O' Lanterns in Fortnite

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While all of these locations are guaranteed to have at least one carved pumpkin, some may have more than others, allowing you to complete the challenge more quickly. Areas with more neighborhoods are more likely to be more decorated. Here is where you can find some:

  • Shell or High Water – northwest of Shiny Sound
  • bright sound
  • Uncomplicated House (and Nearby House) – North and Northwest of Lustrous Lagoon
  • Ramshackle Rocks: Northeast of Lustrous Lagoon
  • Sunscorched Shacks (and nearby shack) – east of Herald's Sanctum
  • strong jonesy
  • Wrapped Settlement – ​​southeast of Fort Jonesy
  • Chateau Bob – northwest of Cloudy Condos
  • Sandblast Estates – South of Chonker's Speedway
  • Desolate Delta (and nearby house) – east and northeast of Chonker's Speedway
  • leaning towers
  • Minotaur Research Lab – northeast of Tilted Towers
  • greasy grove
  • Notepad – east of the Reality Tree
  • Willow's Haunt - northeast of Reality Tree

How to destroy Jack O' Lanterns with a ranged weapon in Fortnite

Our first reaction when completing challenges to "destroy" things is to hit them with our pickaxes/gathering tools, but for this challenge, it's explicitly stated to destroy them with a ranged weapon. Don't let the choice of words in the title confuse you because this challenge is very simple. All you have to do is shoot the pumpkins with any weapon until they break. You don't have to be any distance from it, which means you can even stand on it if you want.

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Head to the festive locations above to locate some Jack O' Lanterns and rampage. Just make sure to use a weapon and you'll be one step closer to claiming your Fortnitemares rewards. There are plenty more Fortnitemares challenges to complete, so keep an eye out for more helpful guides.

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