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Where to find ice cream cones in fortnite and How to get ice cream in fortnite

Where to find ice cream in fortnite - As one of the most popular Battle Royales available, Fortnite continues to evolve its mechanics and systems to keep players coming back. With almost weekly updates, Fortnite players seemingly have no shortage of things to do, especially with a revolving door of cameos and cosmetics to purchase.

While there has been no shortage of crossovers from major franchises like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many others, this season has given fans the chance to play as Indiana Jones and solve mysteries like Shuffled Shrines.

Where to find ice cream cones in fortnite and How to get ice cream in fortnite

Later this month, Epic Games will launch the No Sweat Summer limited-time event, which leaks have already revealed will contain a host of new beach-themed cosmetics and other summer activities, along with new quests to award items. and XP. To help pave the way, Epic released a new update that not only fixed a handful of bugs, but also added new content to Battle Royale, including Prime Shotgun.

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While traversing the island in Fortnite, players will also find ice cream cones in a variety of flavors, each with their own effects once consumed. To help players prepare, here's where to find the ice cream cones and what each one does.

ice cream cone effects

These newly added ice cream cones are consumables in Fortnite, similar to medicine packs, sip juice, fish, and other items. They come in five different varieties, four of which are uncommon rarity items and then a special legendary version. Unsurprisingly, each offers a different effect once consumed, so here's the full list of flavors:

  • Ice Cream Cone (Uncommon) – The most basic version, consuming this will simply restore a small amount of health.
  • Frozen Ice Cream Cone (Uncommon) – Consuming this version restores a bit of health while also "making everything slippery."
  • Guzzling Ice Cream Gone (Uncommon) – Similar to Slurp Juice or Med Mist, this consumable will slowly regenerate a player's health.
  • Spicy Ice Cream Cone (Uncommon) – Feel the burn with this ice cream as it not only restores some health, but also increases the player's speed for a time.
  • Lil-Whip's Special Service (Legendary) – The final ice cream cone is also the most effective as it restores health and shield.

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As of now, it is unknown where exactly these ice cream cones will be found. While Fortnite leakers like HYPEX have indicated that they are available in-game right now, players have found it very difficult, if not impossible, to find them. In fact, looking at the Fortnite Creative item list apparently confirms that ice cream cones aren't available yet, as they're not included in the list of usable items.

As such, it looks like these items will be added once the big No Sweat Summer update is fully released, which lines up with what Epic confirmed in a recent blog update. These items are expected to be found like most items, through floor loot, chests, and other world loot. Either way, be sure to check back once the update arrives for a full breakdown.

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