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How to get the free Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite Fortnitemares 2022

Chrome punk skin Fortnite - The Halloween event is fast approaching, and Fortnite plans to leave its competitors in the dust by making arrangements to make a new player skin available to all seekers who complete the Fortnitemares 2022 event. There is already speculation that the event will have up to three player skins, although the exact nature of the skins is still in question.

Having dropped its trailer earlier this year, Epic Games is gearing up for what looks to be its biggest Fortnitemares event yet, along with a new hard party tagline. It will be interesting to find out if premium skins like Batman Who Laughs are available at a discounted price during the Halloween sale.

Fortnitemares 2022 could be Fortnite's biggest event yet


How to get the free Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite Fortnitemares 2022

As for the recent Fortnitemares event, the punk sticker player skin is available, should players be able to complete all the missions during the event. Although the nature of the event and the quests have yet to be revealed, it can be speculated that the quests could range from collecting items to visiting a specific location. Featuring the head of a rainbow pumpkin on a black shirt and sprinkles of rainbows, the Chrome Punk skin will be every gamer's dream.

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However, Fortnitemares 2022 is not only famous for its outrageous skins, but also for the abundance of player materials that can be gathered by completing these missions. For example, skins like dj lyka with various special abilities would also be present, with the Wolfscent ability for tracking and air slicing ability. Along with it, the Horde Rush event returns this year in Fortnite, which can be played together with friends to earn combos and survive to ultimately defeat the overlord.

While all the quests have yet to be revealed, some quests require visiting the Shadow Gables or preforming the Alter Ritual Alteration in order to complete them. However, this year, Fortnite features its quests in two parts over a fourteen-day period where players can unlock items like the Unmaker Pickaxe and Cage Back Bling. So it's no surprise that Fortnitemare 2022 is one of the biggest events in Fortnite this year, ending on November 1 at 2AM PST.

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