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Where are mending machines in fortnite and fortnite mending machine locations

Mending machine fortnite - One of the zero week quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 instructs players to make a purchase at a repair machine, and a 20,000 XP reward awaits those who complete it. 

Where are mending machines in fortnite and fortnite mending machine locations

However, no in-game information is provided on where exactly one of these machines can be found, which can make it difficult for fans to complete the quest in question. For those players who are really struggling to find a Mending Machine in the Paradise season of Fortnite, this guide shows the locations of all of them.

Repair Machine Locations Fortnite Chapter 4

There are a total of 10 Mending Machines in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season, and players are never far from one regardless of where they are on the map. In fact, these machines are fairly evenly distributed across the island, and their precise positions are indicated on the map below. Once a fan decides which specific Mending Machine to visit, they simply need to set the location in-game and head to it using their preferred mode of transportation.

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As far as what Fortnite players are looking for when arriving at one of these locations, Repair Machines are very much like standard Automatic Weapons with one notable difference: there's a small pink Trowel with hearts surrounding it on the front.

Once a fan locates such a machine, they must interact with it and purchase one of its healing or shield items to complete the associated Week Zero Quest. Notably, these purchases require gold bars, and players should make sure they have some on hand before visiting a repair machine.

Where are mending machines in fortnite and fortnite mending machine locations

For clarity, fans can earn gold bars in Fortnite by looting chests, eliminating opponents, completing bounties, and solving quests for NPCs. This variety of sources means that players should get the currency in relative abundance just by playing the game, and it doesn't really take much effort to find it. Additionally, gold bars persist across matches, making it even easier to hoard them.

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As noted above, the reward for completing the “shop at a repair machine” quest is 20,000 XP. This will surely be appreciated by those players looking to level up and get the Battle Stars that are required to unlock Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass cosmetics. However, this mission is certainly not the only chance to earn some quick XP, as there are plenty of other challenges available right now.

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