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Snipers fortnite, Where to find the heavy sniper rifle in Fornite

Where to find snipers in fortnite - Chapter 3 Season 2 week 5 challenges have been scaled back, giving players the opportunity to earn massive amounts of XP to level up their Battle Pass. Let's see where to find the heavy sniper rifle in Fornite.

Players looking to get the Doctor Strange skin at level 100 will want to prioritize these challenges, as they provide the most effective means of leveling up quickly.

Snipers fortnite, Where to find the heavy sniper rifle in Fornite

Weekly challenges generally focus on certain new items in the game, usually encouraging the use of new and unsaved items.

This week is no exception, as a challenge asks players to use the returning Heavy Sniper Rifle to deal damage to enemy vehicles.

This challenge cannot be completed with any other Sniper, such as Hunter's Bolt Action, and finding a Heavy Sniper can be a challenge in itself. This guide will show players how to best acquire a Heavy Sniper Rifle to complete the quest.

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Where to find a heavy sniper rifle in Fortnite

Snipers fortnite, Where to find the heavy sniper rifle in Fornite

Heavy Sniper Rifles are weapons of blue rarity and above, meaning they can rarely be found as floor loot; players. The best chance of finding them is in chests, supply crates, and occasionally fishing spots.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to find a Heavy Sniper Rifle, and the all-too-common appearance of Anvil Rocket Launchers in chests can make finding them even more difficult.

The best way to find one is to search a bunch of chests in a short amount of time, and the best way to do that is by using a tank.

IO Titan Tanks are a new addition to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and they allow players to flatten the land with maximum efficiency. By passing through buildings and quickly destroying their foundations, players will see loot fall from the skies when the building (and all chests within it) are destroyed.

One location where Loopers can try this strategy is Tilted Towers. Here, players can find many buildings to take down, as well as a tank piloted by some IO Guards.

To take the tank for themselves, players must target the gunner on top and shoot the brass panel on the front of the tank to expose the driver; this way, players can take over the vehicle without destroying it.

Tilted Towers is quite a busy place and many players often rush to the Airship IO because of its centralized and elevated location. Players will therefore do better in teams, taking down any opponent who tries to steal the tank.

Sometimes opponents can hijack the weapon on top to quickly destroy the vehicle; when this happens, get out quick and start shooting the gunner. Hopefully, they'll find out too late.


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After getting rid of the IO bots and any pesky players, repair any tank damage with a repair torch, found in the red toolboxes scattered around the map.

Players can now drive through tower bases and vacuum up all the loot that remains. Hopefully, a chest will have dropped a heavy sniper rifle.

Once players have the unsaved weapon from Chapter 3 Season 2, they will need to find an enemy piloted vehicle and deal 600 damage. Cars generally have 800 health or more, and the blue heavy sniper rifle is capable of 600 damage in a single shot.

Being quick is key, as enemies are likely to come out of a vehicle that has taken such immense damage. Players may want to consider upgrading their Sniper to purple or gold to get that extra damage, as sometimes the challenge can only be partially completed after 1 shot.

Obviously, the easiest way to get this achievement is by shooting a bot-powered tank, though these are dotted around the island and are popular targets. Whichever the choice, one or two shots at an enemy vehicle should complete the challenge and net players a crisp 20K XP.

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