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Where Every exotic weapon location in Fortnite Chapter 3

Boom sniper fortnite location -  New Exotics have been added to Fifteen Days Chapter 3 with tons of new locations. With the conclusion of Fifteen Days Chapter 2, the entire Battle Royale island has been profoundly altered. Fan-favorite locations have been exchanged for new areas to explore and discover loot within. 

Where Every exotic weapon location in Fortnite Chapter 3

One of these new areas is the Daily Bugle, the workplace of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, a Battle Pass character this season. It's even possible for players to find their web shooters to rock the map. Chapter 3 has a healthy mix of old and new exotic weapons to find. These are among the rarest and most powerful weapons on the island and can be useful for overcoming challenges or defeating enemy players.

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Exotic weapons are highlighted with a light blue glow to make them stand out from the rest. As players explore the island, they will find tons of different weapons with their own rarity. In the case of light blue, finding these items is incredibly difficult. Fortunately, Fifteen Days Chapter 3 has added tons, including a way to buy exotic items directly. While exploring the map, players will come across NPCs that do a variety of different things. 

This includes selling healing items or weapons to the player, or highlighting special locations on the map, such as the location where the storm is scheduled to appear. To do this will cost gold, one of the many coins in Fortnite.

Where Every exotic weapon location in Fortnite

All exotic weapons in Fifteen Days Chapter 3 can be purchased from NPCs using gold. It is possible to earn more gold in Fortnite by helping other NPCs or, naturally, by finding them when wandering around the island. There are five different Exotics to find, and a big new addition to Chapter 3 is the ability to save items between matches. Using the new tent feature, players can preserve their items even after being eliminated.

Where Every exotic weapon location in Fortnite Chapter 3
  • The Boom Sniper Rifle: This weapon can store five bullets in the chamber at a time, giving players more chances to hit the shots. Players can purchase this from Lieutenant John Llame in Llama Homestead for 600 gold.
  • The Chilli Chug Splash: This is not a weapon, but is still considered an exotic item. It is a chug jug that gives the player 20 health and provides a temporary speed boost. Go to Greasy Grove and talk to Guaco to buy him for 210 gold.
  • The Dub: This is a powerful double-barreled shotgun. He can be found talking to Bunker Jonesy south of Joneses. It will cost 600 gold.
  • Marksman Six Shooter: This weapon allows players to switch between two different shooting modes. It will cost the player 400 gold and can be found by going to the pink house north of Camp Cuddle. Here, an NPC will sell it to the player. Alternatively, players can head to the Butter Barn to purchase it from Mancake for the same price.
  • Hop Rock Dualies: When the player fires this weapon, he will receive the hop rock effect for a limited time. Players can buy it from Scientists near the Sanctuary for 500 gold.

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These items are not required to win Battle Royale, but they make it a little easier. Those players looking to level up their Fifteen Days the Battle quickly will need to clear challenges to do so. Many of these challenges require damage to other players, and these weapons can make that a little easier.

The best option of all these will be the Boom Sniper Rifle, it does a ton of damage and is much more forgiving than the other sniper rifles in the game with its extra ammo. 

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