Hulkbuster in fortnite, Iron Man Hulkbuster armor leaked for the battle royale in Fortnite

How to get hulkbuster in fortnite - Video game leaks are always the order of the day and more so when it comes to Fortnite, of which we always have new unofficial news and of which it was revealed today that Iron Man's powerful Hulkbuster armor will arrive at the battle royale.

Hulkbuster in fortnite, Iron Man Hulkbuster armor leaked for the battle royale in Fortnite

As we already know, Marvel and Fortnite are already one because the collaborations between the comic book giant and the popular Epic Games video game just don't stop. With the new Season 4 of Chapter 3 it is confirmed that Spider-Gwen will be the next character from the superhero universe to arrive at the battle royale, but it seems that she will not be the only one since Iron Man is ready to return with a new and powerful skin

As it is a leak, we know that we must handle the information with some caution, although when it comes from HYPEX who has been too successful with its content on past occasions, we could almost ensure that the new Iron Man skin in Fortnite is official, and As you can see, it is the Mark XLIV, also known as the Hulkbuster that we perfectly remember from the Avengers movies.

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Of course, this time the collaboration comes thanks to the collaborative comic Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War that is currently in circulation and that has been including skins of other Marvel superheroes inspired by said comic, such as the Spider-Man Zero suit and Wolverine Zero.

It must be remembered that this series is about to launch its last issue on October 28 of this year, with a total of five copies, each of which brings with it a reward. That is, you get these special skins by buying the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics, either in physical or digital format.

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