Stop music at rave cave, How to stop the music in Rave Cave in Fortnite

How to stop music at rave cave Fortnite - No one likes a fun spoiler or sponge, but if it means 15K XP in the Fortnite season pass, exceptions have to be made sometimes.

Chapter Three Season Three features a plethora of weekly quests to complete, and completing them quickly can provide a huge boost to your battle pass progression.

One of those weekly quests, released with the week seven pool, requires you to "Stop the music in Rave Cave." It's actually a lot simpler to pull off than it sounds, but if you need help becoming the perfect party animal, we're here to help.

How to stop the music in Rave Cave in Fortnite

Stop music at rave cave, How to stop the music in Rave Cave in Fortnite

First of all, head towards Rave Cave when you jump off the Party Bus, after thanking the driver of course. Once you land, after grabbing some gear and keeping an eye out for enemies, you'll want to follow your ears to any speakers or gear that's playing music.

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To achieve this better, you can go to the settings and activate the visual sound effects, which will help identify the direction of the team. Once you find it, destroy it, using whatever means you prefer, but you can go easy on yourself and use your pickaxe.

The fastest method to complete this quest is to go to the area inside the cave where the two NPC guards are dancing. There are two poles with speakers at the top with loud music, and if you take the pole out, it takes the speakers too. There is usually more than one speaker on a pole, and the poles require very few peak hits to destroy them.

Destroy three music fountains to complete the mission. Then grab more loot and get out of there, or camp and wait for someone else to try to destroy some speakers, and destroy them yourself. Your choice..

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