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Make people character dance to a boogie bomb

Make a character dance to a boogie bomb - Fortnite Boogie Bombs are a grenade-like weapon, but they cause opponents to dance uncontrollably when hit and caught in the blast. No damage is dealt, but the forced dance prevents the player from shooting back, healing, or doing anything else besides moving for a limited time.

Boogie Bombs are also a big part of Fortnite's new weekly missions, as one of them asks players to "make opponents dance with Boogie Bombs," a challenge no more than a million miles away from. asks you to drop consumable pickups in Fortnite. For that reason, we'll explain how to find Boogie Bombs below, how they work, and what you can do to make completing the quest as easy as possible.

How to make opponents dance with Boogie Bombs in Fortnite

Make people character dance to a boogie bomb

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Make people character dance to a boogie bomb

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To make opponents dance with Boogie Bombs in Fortnite, the principle is very simple: throw the bomb like a grenade and opponents within a short distance of the explosion (about five meters) will be forced to dance uncontrollably for five seconds, or until they do. take damage (whichever comes first).

Dancing may sound fun, but it has several drawbacks for the affected person. It forces them to move (although they can choose which direction) and prevents them from performing any actions: build, shoot, heal, etc. process, although Boogie Bomb does not damage itself.

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The weekly quest requires you to hit three opponents with this effect and make them dance. This is clearly a very contextual challenge that will depend on how you come across opponents in Fortnite, but considering you're trying to get as many people into a blast radius as possible, you should look for small, confined areas with limited mobility: rooms, towers, bunkers, etc. and try to get your enemies to group up so you can launch the Boogie Bomb in their midst. Ambushes also work well: Hit your opponents with the blast before they realize they're under attack and scatter.

It's also important to remember that Boogie Bomb's effect works on allies too, meaning your poor teammates may be forced to dance if they get caught in the blast zone. However, this won't help you with the quest either - the wording is very clear that you need to hit opponents with the bomb.

Fortunately, the challenge doesn't require you to activate three dances in a single match, so if you have enough time, you should be able to handle it. Of course, to do that, you'll need a Boogie Bomb (or more) first.

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Where to find Boogie Bombs in Fortnite

Boogie Bombs in Fortnite are a rare item that can be found basically anywhere, but as far as we know, only in chests. There's no particular pattern beyond that that we're aware of, the best thing to do is open as many chests as possible until one drops the Boogie Bombs you're looking for. They also stack, so make sure to store them if you find more than one.

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