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How to enter the main chamber at shuffled shrines in fortnite

Fortnite enter the main chamber at shuffled shrines -  The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin quest series may be relatively easy to complete, but things will soon change once players tackle the last of the Part 5 challenges. 

How to enter the main chamber at shuffled shrines in fortnite

This is because the grand finale requires players to Players bring each fragment of the relics they obtained into the main chamber of the Mixed Shrines. The goal certainly sounds like child's play, but getting there is the hard part. This is how you can enter the main chamber and finish Vibin' part 5 in Fortnite.

Where to find the main chamber in the Fortnite Vibin questline

The main chamber can be placed within splendor in the center of Shuffled Shrines. It is in this splendor that players will come across a monstrous door and four stones displaying different symbols.

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This is actually the Indiana Jones secret POI puzzle where players will have to go through the location to find the correct symbols and rotate the stones to reveal each one so that the door opens. The location of each symbol can be found below and should be displayed in this order from left to right.

How to enter the main chamber at shuffled shrines in fortnite

  • symbol no. 1: The far left stone symbol can be found at the bottom of a ladder in the bottom right corner of Shuffled Shrines.
  • symbol no. 2: Next, you can find the second symbol on a rock leaning against a broken wall in the top left corner of Shuffled Shrines.
  • symbol no. 3: The third symbol is just above the center of Shuffled Shrines and is under an orange awning.
  • symbol no. 4: Therefore, we recommend that you head east to the POI gravel pit. The last symbol is located on a fenced stone in the center of the hole.

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How to Combine Relic Fragments in Fortnite

After rotating each stone to reveal the correct symbols in the order above, the door will reveal a narrow hallway leading to the main chamber. It's important to stay in the center of the hallway while going through it, as there are damaging spikes embedded in the wall. You can then take the first door on the left on a pedestal that you can interact with.

This will allow you to combine the shards and complete the last part of the quest. Since the entrance to the main chamber is also part of the Indiana Jones questline, you can expect to earn the Indy's Dust Off emote and 43,000 XP for completing Part 5.

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