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Boogie bombs in fortnite, Where to find boogie bombs in fortnite

Fortnite where to find boogie bombs - Fortnite veterans will get a sense of nostalgia with one of the returning items from the No Sweat Summer event – ​​the Boogie Bomb!

The funky item was introduced in 2017 during Fortnite's second season and has been a substantial element of the battle royale for most of its existence. In recent years, unfortunately, the Boogie Bomb has been vaulted and dismantled multiple times, making it an elusive item to get your hands on.

Boogie bombs in fortnite, Where to find boogie bombs in fortnite

But good news! As we mentioned, the new No Sweat Summer event has started, and to add more spice to Fortnite's laid-back summer vibes, the Boogie Bombs have made their glorious return! You'll want to get your hands on some and familiarize yourself with them because a private Sweat-Free Quest will task you with making a character dance with a Boogie Bomb.

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Why use Boogie Bombs in Fortnite

The Boogie Bomb does exactly what you think - it makes the affected dance! No, really, the Boogie Bomb does no damage, but causes targets to hit the dance floor for five seconds.

That means they can't build, run to protect themselves, shoot back or anything else. They will regain the ability to move after five seconds or when they take any kind of damage. Initially, Boogie Bomb's effect lasted 15 seconds, but that was too OP, so Epic Games nerfed it; otherwise, they have improved the rarity of the item, moving it from Uncommon to Vasqueiro.

Where to find Boogie Bombs in Fortnite

There's no sure way to promise that you'll receive a Boogie Bomb in Fortnite, because the only method to acquire it is by looting chests, finding supplies, killing sharks, and more around the island. So it's best to beat your opponents at these item-packed landmarks to increase your chances of trying out this awesome new item!

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Honestly, being such a playful item to entertain, we hope it will stick around for more than a few weeks. Remember that Boogie Bomb affects enemies, teammates and even NPCs!

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