Christmas skin in fortnite : How to get the Christmas tree skin in Fortnite

How to get the christmas skin in fortnite - Have you kept up with the latest round of holiday events in Fortnite? There's been a lot going on, with players scouring the map to find locations and complete objectives in the name of the holiday season. 

Christmas skin in fortnite : How to get the Christmas tree skin in Fortnite

With the wonderful year ending, the developers at Epic Games want to reward players with the ability to grab a free skin that everyone can use. It's called Lieutenant Evergreen, making your character look like a giant Christmas tree.

How to get perennial lieutenant skin

You don't have to try too hard to locate this mask. You have to go to the Winterfest cabin to check your gifts. The Winterfest cabin is not a location on the map, but somewhere on the menu, you need to navigate to.

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After you've gone through the usual routine of going through your gifts, stockings, and whatever else you need, move your cursor over to the Christmas tree in the background. Keep your icon over the tree until it is fully lit up, and then you should receive the Christmas tree skin shortly after.

After you have it, feel free to start wearing it in your next Fortnite match and get running around, spreading the holiday spirit.

Unfortunately, some players report not receiving the skin after doing this method. There is no known cause or workaround at this time. 

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