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How to get crown of victory in Fortnite Chapter 3, read here

How to get the crown of victory in fortnite -  Victory Crown is a golden flame crown that will be released with the release of the next chapter in Fortnite. This is a beneficial item, and you will notice many players wearing this crown in matches. The Victory Crown has some bonuses for you if you have one, so follow the guide for how you can get the Victory Crown in Fortnite Chapter 3.

How to get crown of victory in Fortnite Chapter 3, read here

You can get the Victory Crown by playing any mode, be it solo, duos, trios, or a full squad. This is basically the reward for players who finish a match on most teams or players.

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Players will get a reward for single player victory if they finish in the top four. In duos, you must fight your way between the top two squads to get the Crown of Victory. For Trio squads, you need to be the best team to get the Crown of Victory for each player. The same goes for the whole team, since in trios.

After the match is over, the winners of the Victory Crown are announced and you will have the crown in the next match. The crown increases the XP gain on each kill and keeps going up with the kill streak. Once you have been announced as the owner of the Victory Crown, you will automatically have the crown on your head in the next match.

Victory Crown is likely to increase the competition further as more and more players will strive and strive for the crown. You should also know that when you have the Crown on your head and you end up in the top tier players as well. You will get a new emote which is actually the counter for how many crowns you have earned. 

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